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TÔT Kitchen


Designed by international designers, TÔT's kitchen cabinets are in a contemporary style and suitable for urban residents. The module system is designed to be flexible so that customers can easily change their needs later. Products are manufactured on modern processes with high quality, using European standard materials and accessories. Our kitchen cabinets come with a 3-year warranty.

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The modularization is the ability to install conveniently on each fixed unit, so that it can be adapted into many types of kitchen layout while ensuring the performance, maintaining a stable quality.


We chooses MDF / MFC materials from the VRG Dongwha brand, a Korean company that is a world leader in the plywood industry.


With the paint solution, we treats at least 3 layers of paint by pigment coating method with prestigious partner Sherwin-Williams - the world's leading supplier of coating solutions.

Quartz stone & Glass

Artificial quartz stone with 90% natural stone aggregate is provided by Vicostone - a brand with more than 17 years developing high quality quartz stone products. GlassKote is a glass brand from Australia, famous for more than 50 years with AddiKote technology - color coating on glass is trusted by TÔT.


The kitchen equipment that TÔT uses in all designs offers solutions that suit your lifestyle and space usage needs. Kitchen accessories such as faucets, sinks, kitchen systems, hinges, ... from reputable partners in kitchen accessories and equipment in the world.

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